Friday, November 4, 2011

my reply to help suffering handicap brother


U have not written abt what kind of issues he is facing and whether he is gainfully employed or able to concentrate on some activities or not. 

with limited info I can say of course counseling will help but try to make him busy in some activity like listening to Osha, music, painting, or any art of his choice. 

If he can concentrate then Yoga / mediation will help too. 
Inactivity, loneliness, boredom, low self esteem and low will power are the poison for mind and make people down. See what u can take care from this. Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya

Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 14:21:06 +0530
Subject: [member_cai] Counsellor Reqd

Hi All,
Am looking for a Good counsellor/ psychologist for my cousin brother, who is 42 years old, physically handicapped, and has been on medication of various types/kinds for almost his whole life. There are psychological issues, as well as repercussions of various medications. Would prefer someone senior, with good experience. Don't want a Psychiatrist, as he is already going to one.
He lives in Opera House, and would prefer someone in and around that area.

Would appreciate a revert at the earliest.
Thank You



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