Monday, July 9, 2012

Red hot chillies fight fat in 3 ways

  • Hone your inner artist

    Explore your inner artist this monsoon by joining Art2Day’s month-long art workshop. Titled, Learn to Paint in Oil Colours, it is targetted at art lovers.
    The workshop is open for anyone who wants to know the basics of how to paint using oil colours. The students will be taught by state level artists Manjiri More and Ajay Deshpande.
    Oil colour art Says Deshpande, “Through this workshop, we intend to teach the basics of oil colour painting, usage of paint brush, knife and roller techniques and also the limitations of this medium. We are expecting a big turnout for this workshop as Pune is known for its art loving population.”
    The workshop which will start from July 7 will be held over weekends so that students can easily join the workshop and develop their artistic skills.
    From: July 7 to July 31 At: Art 2Day Gallery, Tilak Road. Call: 9325499599  
  • Red hot chillies fight fat in 3 ways

    Tests by food scientist Stephen Whiting, who is based at Manchester Metropolitan University, proved that chillies “key component” – the chemical capsaicin that gives them heat, triggers an adrenalin rush.
    Representational picture
    This orders the brain specifically to burn fat cells, and tests found fat around the belly was burned most rapidly.
    Midriff fat is the most dangerous, as it increases the risk of heart disease.
    Whiting found chillies also helped to suppress appetite, plus they speeded up the body’s overall metabolism, the rate at which a person burns off calories.
    “If you eat chillies consistently for a good period of time, it will help you lose weight,” the Sun quoted Whiting as saying.

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