Monday, August 13, 2012


  Think milk is the only way to get your calcium? Think again!     There are plenty of non-dairy sources of calcium.
      Try some of these alternative options:
      75g of Broccoli = 75mg of Ca
      100g of Kale = 205mg of Ca
      75g of Kidney beans = 50mg of Ca
      100g of Blackberries = 35mg of Ca
      50g of Leeks = 35mg of Ca
      1 tbsp of Molasses = 172mg of Ca
      1 medium Orange = 50mg of Ca

here are some more :

the value for 100 gm CA ratio,
Ragi :  344 mg, horse gram : 287,
  Rajmah : 260,
soyabean : 240,
Bengal gram : 202,
Leafy Veg like Agathi score most : 1130 mg,
Amaranth 200,
Amaranth Gangeticus tender : 397,
Amaranth Paniculatus : 530 mg, Amaranth spinosus : 800 mg,
Cauliflower green : 626 etc,
Cumin seeds (good combination with butter milk) : 1080 mg,
These  are very Indian stuff and comparably low cost source.
many of the problems are due to our life style which some what i believe has to reorganized again,  like 30/60 min work out which include Cardio, weight training, swimming etc ,

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