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Pudina Rice and its health benefits

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Pudina Rice and its health benefits

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Pudina or mint is a very popular herb all over the world and pudina rice is one of the most flavourful rice recipes you can cook up. Mint has excellent curative properties and is considered a great home remedy for stomach ailments. Mint is also best known as a cure for halitosis and bad breath. So with all these benefits of mint, do you really have to wonder about pudina rice?
Soothing properties: Mint has natural oils that can help soothe the digestive tract. If you are experiencing stomach cramps and irritation, pudina rice can really help you treat it. If you have a leftover batch of pudina rice, use them to treat stomachaches, gas and even acidity.
Cleansing properties: if you have been bingeing on some unhealthy foods lately, you should try eating some pudina rice. Mint has cleansing properties that allows it to cleanse your digestive tract. If you have mouth ulcers and skin acne problems, eating pudina rice regularly can surely help. It can help flush out toxins from your body and improve overall health. It can also help you clear toxins from your blood.
Freshening properties: You can use pudina rice to cleanse your palate. So if you are entertaining and have served up a batch of fish or garlic infused main courses, you can serve a small portion of Pudina rice between courses. This not only cleanses and freshens the mouth; it also helps increase the taste of the next course so you can taste and enjoy the flavors much better.
Oral health: Mint has always been considered great for oral health and improved oral hygiene. That is where the term ‘minty fresh breath’ originated from. Eating Pudina rice can help you whiten your teeth, fight plaque and tartar and keep your breath fresh.
Apart from these benefits of mint, you can use Pudina Rice as a side dish if you are serving very spicy foods. Mint tends to downplay some of the stronger flavors. If you have cooked up a storm for lunch and have been rather generous with the chilli powder, serving Pudina rice as an accompaniment can put your guests at ease.
If you have nausea, Pudina rice can help you put the discomfort to rest. While it may certainly not help with vomiting, Pudina rice with some ginger juice sprinkled on top can help you get over the nausea. Women who are experiencing pregnancy related nausea can really benefit from a small serving of Pudina rice. The preparation is also very light for your stomach and easy to digest as well. If you have congestion, you can use mint rice to help ease that too. It relaxes the muscle tissues and relieves congestion and therefore is extremely beneficial for those suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma.
The simple recipe of Pudina rice has numerous health benefits, so make it once a week and enjoy the taste as well as the therapeutic powers of mint. It is a great summer dish and can really help you cool off even when the temperatures are high. Serve it up with some plain or flavored yogurt.
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