Saturday, July 24, 2010

Health in monsoons.

Dear All,


With the onset of Monsoon,there has been an expected increase in the incidence of:



2-Fever and vomiting.

3-Complaints of giddiness.

The following measures are recommended as prevention against disease:


If it is not possible to avoid outside food-take only tea/coffee

/biscuits/fruits in good condition.

2-Eat within limits,avoiding ghee/oil/fried items and eating simple food like rice/dal/veg will be healthy.Lemon and ginger are helpful in improving digestion.

3-Carry your own water when you go out.Water is the commonest source of contamination and illness in monsoon.At the first instance of doubt-get water tested.Chlorine tablets can be used for purifying water.RO system/Aquaguard should be serviced to keep its filters clean.

4-Exercise within your limits.Go to park and gardens instead of daily walk on roadside to avoid accidents.Use exercise cycle or treadmill if you have one lying unused!

5-Conjuctivitis is common during monsoon-whenever you have complaint of stickiness of eyes/redness of eyes-start medicines/eye drops immediately.Take a leave and stay at home till the condition disappears as it can spread to others too.

6-Malaria/Gastroenteritis/Viral fever/Jaundice are commonly seen during this season.

7-At the slightest hint of illness-get yourself checked immediately by doctor.Do not wait till evening.

8-In case of fever with feeling of cold-get a blood test for malaria done before you start medicines.

I hope above mentioned tips will help you to enjoy the beauty of monsoons.



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