Monday, September 13, 2010

Nagpur mental hospital patient returns as a doc

Nagpur mental hospital patient returns as a doc

Shishir Arya | TNN

Nagpur: She spent over two harrowing months in a mental hospital grappling with the feeling of having been abandoned and sharing a dormitory with other patients, many of them destitutes. The same hospital is now her workplace.
   For Dr Raksha Shah (name changed), it was a long and different journey
   In her thirties now, Dr Shah has been appointed medical officer at Regional Mental Hospital, Nagpur, after being discharged. The government-run hospital absorbed its own patient as a full-time employee to prove that patients cured of mental illness could be rehabilitated. She is working for six months now and her boss says she is doing fine.
   Every day, Dr Shah examines 60-70 patients in the OPD. Having undergone the trauma herself she understands their plight better. A broken marriage and a series of events had taken her there.
   She had to be treated for a couple of months. At the time, doctors found her intelligent. Her being a qualified medical practitioner led to the idea of accommodating her in the hospital itself. She did her MBBS from Topiwala Medical College and Nair Hospital, Mumbai, before her marriage 13 years ago. Now a confident Dr Shah wants to forget the past. She avoids answering questions about how things went wrong. "A particular situation makes one react like that. I had a fight with someone and my parents thought I needed treatment. I am fine now,'' she says. As she examines the patients, she says, "They can be easily cured if proper medication is taken and the family takes enough care. Their kin should help shed the stigma they carry,'' she says. She now tells her patients not to react to others' behaviour and not to underestimate themselves because of their condition.
   Asked how she felt during the treatment, Shah says, "Nothing much. I could adjust with other patients. Being a doctor I was used to being with people in such conditions.'' She now plans to complete her postgraduation in paediatrics that would allow her to begin practising as a child specialist.
Dr Raksha Shah (name changed) underwent therapy at a mental hospital in Nagpur after a broken marriage    

During the treatment, doctors found her to be intelligent and her being an MBBS gave them an idea


Shah is back at the hospital after discharge, this time appointed as a medical officer and is doing well

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