Friday, September 24, 2010

too bad but for money or fun we r spoilng our next generation....Alok


Since most pubs, discs, hotels,cinemas are owned by politicians, bureacrats and mafias they r running up to 4 am too. Multinationals pay well but make execs slogg till midnight. Many spoilt teens for fun have regular late nights. But it hurts their health.


Sins of late nights:

  1.  Some start taking alcohol, drugs and other atleast have excess of Tea/ cofee .All harmful.
  2. Late nighters be in office or clubs only get unhealthy food ( they wont get traditional Thali rich in wholesome food) .
  3. All this results in high diabetes, high BP. lower IQ, no general knowledge ( as during day they dont see / intract with world realities ) and nights r out.
  4. Bad family life. Bad parentship. Bad relations with spouse.

From G D Birla to Anil Ambani wake up early and have long brisk walk and then leave office in time. ( I am not giving examples of saints or less successful).

Newspaprs should give people like G D Birla type peoples info on page 3 . But since the reporters themselves are low grade people they dont shre responsibility towards teenagers, Sachin, Shaharukh , Rakhi may be paying them.

Govt, courts, and unions should enforce laws and ensure that latenights are stopped.


All spouses and children must insist on their butter winner that they dont want more luxuries and want papa's health and company and insist he is back home by 7 pm on most days.........Alok


Insomniac men more likely to die early

Men suffering from sleep deprivation are more likely to die prematurely than those who regularly get a good night's sleep.


Vegetables, fruits lower lung cancer risk

A diverse diet of vegetables may decrease a personĂ¢?Ts chances of getting lung cancer, and a variety of fruits and vegetables may lower the risk of squamous cell lung cancer, especially among smokers.
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