Friday, October 29, 2010

How many patient that enter night Casualty die bacause of mis-managment

U r 100% right. It is apathy of all concerned .U must rush to large hospitals  in emergency. For planned treatments and minor surgeries u may go to near by illequipped nursing home.

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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 18:14:27 +0000
Subject: [mumbai_intellectuals_voice_and_media_source] How many patient that enter night Casualty die bacause of mis-managment

Does an emergency patient gets complete treatment in night Casualty of any Nursing homes, Private multi-speciality hospital or Government Hospitals.

Specialist services r hardly available for common man during night hours.

Nursing homes seem to be the worst in the line because most of them have night duty doctors who do not have Alopathy degree and nursing homes r only place where they could get a job.

Private Hospitals and Government hospitals have RMO in night duty who have basic MMBS degree and r further studying post graduation but they r authorised to give only basic first-aid. So the final line of treatment starts only after the decision is taken by the main doctor on day break. But this lapse of few hours in getting the treatment is most of the time fatal for most of the patient or they may otherwise also land up in ICU. Difference between time when any patient entered the hospital for treatment, time mention on any of his test report that could have been done even while he was in casualty bed, time when he was allotted bed, though at least 2 beds r always reserved in every hospital for critical patients that enter casualty, will clearly give picture of deficiency in service. Also always it is practise to first admit any patient in ward and then transfer him to ICU, which again results fatal for some patients.Do common man especially accident cases get emergency operation at night itself especially in multi-speciality hospital.

Relatives r ignorant how system works, and most of the time take all mismanagement of authorities as fate of their patient.

To make the matter simpler, even a critical patient is refused admission or is directed to some other small hospital or nursing home with the excuse no bed is available, may be because of some nexus between on duty doctor and such hospitals.

Do we have any solution to the problem. How such a important health issue got escaped from the eyes of media, though when questioned claim to know better since being in the field. Is media biased in not reporting such issues, to give protection to such hospitals.


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