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Fw: Medical ck up.......my reply to my dear sis but also sending to few others....Alok

First assess if ur body has some pain, swelling,changes,difficulties,dizziness,discofrt etc etc. If yes then that part/ organ / respective possible complications have to be included for check up. Say if there is a lump some where then we have tp chk whether it is just like that or TB or cancer or something else. If there is breathlessness then chest xray, lungs, heart etc , if there is a joint pain then RA test , xray then may be MRI, Uric acid and similarly for other noticiable changes / discomfort etc. If there is general weak ness then blood test with for bitamins etc.. less libido etc then testesterone etc..
But if there is no specific reason then basic blood, urine, stool, chest, ECg,physical examination, etc shud suffice. For u good very good eye hospital for eye will be required. Mumbai has Lotus at Juhu.
With general complaints if any and basic test ( covers diabetes, ESR which shows any infection, BP. etc ) will suffice.
Warning : Ignoring any persistant ailment like headaches, coughs, pains,indigestion,acidity,palpitation, fever,  etc etc r very risky. Prolonged any not much bothering signs r too be equally attende.
Late Shri Sushil ji had lost apetite, developed acidity  and then finally at late stage cancer in lever etc was diagonised.
Late Shri Hasmukhbhai my dear respectable friend had cough for last two years.No detailed investigation were carried out. Ultimately it turned out to be lungs cancer of advance stage by then.
I was frequently getting fever. Normally after recovering in three four days anyone would forget that and it used to relapse. Symptoms were throat infections and ENT would give anti biotics. Finally after  6 or 7 th time fever I found something on net.
Went to Hinduja and had Throat swab test ( which never was advised by my ENT) . I was diagonised by infection ( not getting the name ) and had vaccine shot. Thereafter I never was down again.
People get diarrea day in and day out. Neglect. Vary bad. Once in a year or so is understandable but frequent is not to be tolerated. It can be amebiosis. Has to be treated differantly and ayurvedic medicine Amibica works better then Allopathy.
People keep treating repeat fever of Malaria with normal drugs. One must go for a proper test in good path lab. It can be P.Vivex which is self repeating and taking it out from roots is necessary.
Goes on so dont delay a ailment. Like even simple tooth ache if neglected becomes Root canal case and even further. One bad tooth if not attended then can spoil other neighbouring tooth too. X ary / OPG r necessary. Dont go to overcrowded clinics who cant do justice or thise docs who dont concentrate on job.
Patient education( even often of family) is necessary. Those docs who dont then stop going to them.
Instead of simple recommendation of health package name I have done the lenghty talk in long term interest and education. Docs have to be like that. Also keep reading small articles on health everywhere available including in waiting lounges of clinics and hospitals.
NB: Right postures and yoga , light but nutritious diet, peace in mind, 5 to 6 hrs of  physical activity ( like not be on chair/sofa,bed/couch etc) ( just 20 min. walk is a hoax), sleeping early, less expectations from life/ others/ spouse / children r key to good health.

Thanks and Regards,
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From: Pratima Gangwal <capratima@hotmail.com>
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Subject: Medical ck up

I am 52 complete . Myself and Vijayji wants go for comprehensive or general med. check up ..
I am very confused as many packages r available   in d hospitals .. Can u suggest ....wh tests....I shd go 4 and 
in wh. hospital at Pune or Mumbai?

It is nt very urgent but yes I wnt 2 go 4 it 

Pl. guide and share vid me . 


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