Friday, January 7, 2011

Flax seed is very good for heart

Evryday we hear of heart and stomach complications. And also hear of formulas for improving them.Here is one more and less complicated, good in taste, inexpensive too. But nothing can replace physical activities, domestic chorus,walk,yoga,deep breating, healthy diet,not eating after sunset.So continue all this and add folllowing too.


  1. eat alsi seki hui (heat it in pan / tava) and then eet it everyday 1 spoon
  2.  alsi ka mukhvas  Flax seed
take 500 gm alsi and mix lemon/ nimbu and kala namak as per your taste,Let it dry.then heat it. Sek lo.
Take 250 gm., kala teel and use bhi sek lo.
Take 100gm to 200 gm khpra and make its dust.If u mix badam dust then nothing like it.Then mix everything and LO! a healthy for heart Mukhvas is ready.
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