Friday, May 24, 2013

No one tells you this except Alok : What I hv seen in life: On BP and Diabetes..

No one tells you this except Alok :   What I hv seen in life: 

BP is more amongst those who have unending needs, unreasonable expectations from life ( and specially from others like from spouse, children etc ), who break laws very often and then live under fear, who try to show off everywhere ( even in social and spiritual organisations,they want best of car, best of seat, want to be with best of guest, want muni maharaj (Saints)   to acknowledge their presence, can enter in to fight and arguments easily if things are not as per their wishes, are perfectionists, are expecting quid pro quo ( especially those in govt jobs expect that if applicant / citizen is benefiting then they must get bribe to un/ reasonable tune whereas they are on that post to do that job without harassment and delay)  (many in social circle expect that if I gifted / threw party so other one  must) , So they are not doing their job for love, as duty, as moral responsibility but with lot of expectations ) which can not always be met and they become frustrated. .....develop this ... and u ll find why every 10 the person in India is having BP and or diabetes, but in social circles rid with show off and competition  every 1 person in 7 persons and those in police, municipal corporations and similar govt jobs 1 person in every 4 person will be found suffering with BP and Diabetes. 

1. Enjoy outdoor picnics, ras garba, swimming, musical chair, disco, and similar events on Sundays ( on every first opportunity). Do not indulge in show off type groups, cards party, and other stressful sedentary games. 

2. Buy Books and CD's of good discourses, mantras, bansuri vadan , Osho dynamic meditation, Sufis, Kabir's dohe etc.. 

3. Never worry about your car ( rather prefer a walk/ auto sometimes purposely)

4. Never worry about  home interiors, dressing sense ( like a hippy / saint be befikar) .  Jain muni and naga sadhus move around un-hesitant and be  bindaas.

4. Where ever u r ( in informal times) laugh aloud, joke, sing and Lo! dance on first opportunity available. 

5. Don't compare with others. 

6. feel happy that your friends and relatives are rich. They will not come asking for loan. 

7. Feel happy that they are rich so they will throw lavish party / marriage events and be slogging while u as a guest should enjoy that event. U never asked for it. They threw it to show off. Be it. But never unnecessarily find faults and spoil your and their fun. Just enjoy. Just party!

8. Be humble. Sit in last row on purpose happily. Or need be even on floor. Do some lowly job happily. Remain unrecognized. Refuse to accept flowers, mementos etc or VIP seat in meetings as enough is enough and you do not want to pamper your ego any more. Wait in queue, wait for your turn on buffet dinner table even if u r Ambani/ Rahul/ Bush/ Amitabha. But do all that as an enlightened happy spiritual person and not to show off. See your blood pressure normalize. 

9. Cooperate humbly  with watchman, security check staff, parking lot staff, traffic police, gatekeeper on events, peon outside a cabin of a person you want to see etc etc who are doing their job in your interest or as per their bosses orders at lowest of salary and in worst work conditions ( most of them are sweating in afternoon heat in open) and do not boss over them. Understand them. Smile. Cooperate. So reduce ego ( VIP giri) and become sane ordinary person and see that your BP and Diabetes becomes normal. 

BP/ Diabetes = genetic, lifestyle, angry, egoist, selfish, dadagiri, perfectionist,ambitious, frustrated,jealous,in hurry, madly after name/ fame  / money. 

So be after happiness, aparigraha, humbleness, be smiling be sweet, be calm, patient, understand people  etc etc. 

Understand: Aisa bhi hota hei and ignore the bad incidence
                   Aise log bhi hote hein..and ignore bad people/ distasteful people

Listen atleast once a month : Chadata Suraj dhire dhire dhalata hei .....

The myth of symptoms
There's a common misconception that people with high blood pressure, also called hypertension, will experience symptoms such as nervousness, sweating, difficulty sleeping or facial flushing. The truth is that HBP is largely a symptomless condition. If you ignore your blood pressure because you think symptoms will alert you to the problem, you are taking a dangerous chance with your life. Everybody needs to know their blood pressure numbers, and everyone needs to prevent high blood pressure from developing.


  1. Smita Shah
    2:02 PM (7 hours ago)
    to me
    Yes Sir you are right.Especially about throwing a party...exactly correct.

    May 25 (2 days ago)
    to me
    Good one sir.
    Nimesh shah

  3. Dilip Gandhi
    May 25 (2 days ago)
    to me
    Dear Mr. Alok Tholiya,
    You are absolutely correct and I fully agree with your views. In this world every where, there is hypocrisy, showbaji and trying to show more then his capacity and unhealthy competition. When small thing is missing, now a days people get upset and they are inviting permanent guest of diseases like BP, Diabetics etc. The present generation is having no tolerance power and getting annoyed instantly. They are not ready to wait for a single minute even. Any how, God may give them maturity.
    With regards and best wishes,
    Sincerely yours
    Hon. Secretary
    Society For Fast Justice - Mumbai.
    9322220134 / 9969920059

  4. Gaurang Damani
    May 25 (2 days ago)
    to me This is truly useful. Thanks.
    Ego is the most harmful thing - ego is the root cause of show-off in society.

  5. dilip shah
    May 25 (2 days ago)
    to me
    Excellent alok.thanks.
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  6. aggidwani
    May 25 (2 days ago)
    to me
    Good write-up!

  7. shilpa .
    May 25 (2 days ago)
    to me
    reading your mails is like eating delicious food.
    you really serve good thoughts & awareness.
    yr mail of controlling b.p. is really good
    keep up
    shilpa dharod

  8. oshogyan

    7:49 PM (24 minutes ago)

    to me

    Alok ji,
    Jai jinendra,
    Very good msg. for the people.
    I humbly request you please attend our course for 3 or 6 days at MOKSH boutique farm in the month of August.
    I hope u will must appreciate our hole programe.
    If u r interested call me.
    Thanks & regards
    Sw.Amano Pramod (Gyan)