Monday, March 3, 2014

Simple do's for serious acidity .....

If you have been suffering from acidity, some changes in your
lifestyle can definitely ease your discomfort. However, chronic
acidity needs diagnosis and prompt treatment.

1# Stress is a villain in our lives that lead to a variety of
health concerns. Acidity is just one among them. Practising
meditation or yoga is a great stress buster.

2# Eating and drinking according to your body constitution is very
important. If you are acidic avoid alcohol, tobacco, smoking,
coffee, tea, soft drinks, sodas, sweets, processed foods, citrus
fruits, spicy masalas and fatty foods. At the same time, do not
over eat or go about with an empty stomach.

3# Eat at a regular time. Time your meal without long gaps in
between and follow the same time table everyday. Taking small meals
at regular intervals of (2-3 hours)is ideal. Also, relax when you
are eating!

4# Don't slouch while eating or drinking. Maintain a straight back
and proper body posture always.

5# Never lie down immediately after eating. It is better to walk
slowly for a few minutes after the meal. Avoid afternoon naps as
you tend to sleep immediately after lunch and will remain awake
late night as you have slept ealier in the day. Eat your dinner at
least two hours before bed time and elevate the head of the bed for

6# If you are overweight, the excessive fat in the abdominal cavity
increases the pressure inside it causing the food contents inside
the stomach to flow back to the oesophagus (reflux). So get active
and lose weight. A sedentary lifestyle can cause havoc in your

7# Wear loose clothes. Avoid tight belts.

8# Avoid late night browsing or movies. Go to bed early and wake up

Water intake, if insufficient can aggravate acidity and stomach
problems. Hence, it is important to take at least 3 litres of water
a day. Coconut water, carrot juice, cumin water, fibrous foods,
mint, fresh fruits like water melon, cucumber, banana are good to
be taken regularly. Using black pepper instead of chillies, ginger
in moderation, taking liquorice and amla are healthy if you have

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Puneet Aggarwal

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