Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How is ur papa ??? warning ....diabetes and BP is silent killer

My writings are harsh, crisp, but directly attacking the target,I do not mince words so very beneficial and eye opening so is useful to universe and hence sharing a person letter written to beloved sister .......not interested then just write ....REMOVE and send. ....ALOK 

The diabetic patients when get anginal  pain ( heart problem) one does not know. 

Diabetes patients do not  feel the pain when they get heart attack. So heart attack is silent in many specially diabetic patient. So do not wait for symptom and do Periodic Cholesterol, sugar test is a must. On any indication must rush him for ECG. If angioplasty / bypass  is advised then same must b done without delay and is 100% safe. Try to reach only large hospital and atleast in planned treatment as smaller hosp do not hv required equipment, trained staff and so on. In planned admission try to go to cashless hospital. 

Family of diabetes patient has to be very careful . Last Sunday when jijaji was here at the Res of Shri Arvind Jain he had all the sweet items. It is the duty of those with him to b careful , watchful.  

Diabetes patient after a certain age has to sleep in time, take all medicines in time, should not get stressed, must avoid long uncomfortable journey, spouse must accompany everywhere to assist, everyone must keep him/ her cheerful. Yoga, pravachan and music is a must. 

just enter words angioplasty, diabetes, anginal pain , symptoms of anginal pain etc in Google and u ll get answers in seconds. 

Remember cost of loosing a member in family is highest specially when he / she is only bread earner or he / she has old spouse ( in old age u need ur own company) / if he / she has child who r not on their feet and so on. If person is engaged in complicated business, is dealing in cash transactions, does not have clear/ inheritable  property papers, not made will, investments are not known then situation is well defined in phrase" andha pise kutta khaye" . 

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