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Handsets to display radiation limits ..TOI Dec 23,2011

Any thing in excess is bad. And specially use of anti green or electronics. Get up and reach to TV instead of using remote and keep body active.And so on ....true for cordless phone etc... 

I request everyone to mail me sms me but for every purpose they want to call even if one is in hospital, cemetery, driving, temple,  sleeping, making love, in a meeting a not so urgent call comes. And everyone wants to talk long , give phone dictation. Why???

No one wants to make use of google maps and everyone wants directions on phone. Why??

There r ppl who take pride in saying I never chk mails??? What kind of these ppl r ??? Stone age??? Monkey age??? 

Many corporates have made sites, they have contact us button but either those r not working or no one opens mails. I sent an inquirey to Asian paints and they called after 60 days. On quering they said we just opened the mail today. 

Another server prob is corporates give email id as and if atholiya leaves a job then u cant communicate to that company. If A tholiya is a branch head of andheri div. then it shud be so who ever is a BM @ andheri div will get the mail and get back. 

Use more and more sms and email and less of voice call. Ofcourse with whom ur heart feels warmth and u miss him/ her then do have a voice calls. ................Alok 

Handsets to display radiation limits 

Govt Wants 900M Users To SMS Or Keep Voice Calls Short To Avoid Radiation 

Shalini Singh TNN 

New Delhi: Over 900 million mobile subscribers will soon be direct beneficiaries of stringent new government norms to control harmful radiation from mobile handsets,a tacit admission that the present radiation levels are injurious to health.
The government wants to enforce education of consumers about the benefits of the hands-free option and choosing SMS over voice calls or keeping mobile calls as brief as possible,with special health warnings for children,adolescents,pregnant women,and those with medical implants.A large majority of subscribers have no information /recourse relating to health hazards from possible harmful Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation from mobile handsets.
Radio frequency (RF) is the primary medium of mobile communication.The rate at which RF energy is absorbed by the body is called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).Various global studies establish that exposure to RF energy beyond a threshold SAR value can cause significant health issues.India has so far been following a SAR limit of 2 watts/kg in accordance with ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Association ) norms.
An inter-ministerial committee has now curtailed the SAR level for mobile handsets further to 1.6 watts/kg average over a six minute period and taken over a volume containing a mass of 1 gram of human tissue.The SAR level shall be displayed on handsets.The guidelines prescribed by this committee will lead to guidelines and legally binding provisions under the Indian Telegraph Act.This includes a mandatory provision that all cell phones sold in India in future comply with relevant BIS standards and be sold with hands-free devices.The SAR value information of the mobile handset should be available on the manufacturers website andin the handset manual.The information on SAR values shall also be made available to mobile subscribers at the handset point of sale.
Further,all mobile handsets manufactured and sold in India or imported from international destinations shall be checked for compliance of the SAR limit.Those manufacturing handsets in India will be required to self-declare SAR value of each handset.In respect of imported handsets,manufacturers,apart from self-declaration of SAR,shall specify the SAR information in their documentation,which will be verified by the appropriate authority.
The government also wants the instructions in the consumer handset booklet or user manual to contain five new safety precautions.These include : Use a wireless,handsfree system with a low power Blue Tooth emitter;ensure that cell phone has a low SAR;keep voice calls short or send text messages insteadan advice that applies especially to children,adolescents and pregnant women;use cell phone when signal quality is good;and finally people with active medical implants should preferably keep mobile handsets at least 15 cms away from the implant.

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