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Top 5 Negative Calories Food to Reduce your Weight

Top 5 Negative Calories Food to Reduce your Weight

The niche of Negative Calorie Foods is still developing and many people are still unaware about it.
Before reading about the best of ‘Negative Calorie Foods’, it is vital to understand what is meant by this term. There are calories in nearly every kind of food we eat. However, some foods are a bit difficult to digest and their overall effect is such that the body has to exert a lot of effort to metabolize them. The total amount of calories gained from Negative Calorie Foods is less than the total number of calories spent to digest them. As a result, the body is left with a Negative Calorie Value or deficit. These foods are considered ideal for being integrated with our daily food to ensure that the total number of calories consumed in the day is restricted. Merely eating Negative Calorie Foods can lead to nutritional deficiency but smartly combining them in the diet regimen can help us to lose weight. The most recommended of Negative Calorie Foods that provide little calories but significant health benefits and nutrition include:

1. Onions: Might Make You Teary But Are Worthy Food Ingredients

Onions are among the most valued of herbs, known for their culinary and medicinal value. Onions are rich in water and fiber and nearly devoid of any calories. Further, they tend to raise the metabolism of the body. This is why onions are recommended for preventing cardiovascular disease, i.e. by raising the metabolic rate onions reduce the risk of developing blood clots. A faster metabolism means that more calories are being burned to fuel the body’s energy demands. The more pungent the onion, greater are the chances of finding high concentrations of immunity-promoting phytochemicals apart from immunity-boosters like sulfides.

2. Lettuce: Your Perfect Daily, Calorie-busting Companion

Perhaps, the easiest of Negative Calorie Foods to be consumed daily, lettuce has a very low calorie count. It is primarily composed of inedible fiber and water. This kind of fiberis very difficult to be digested and is eventually directed towards the large intestine to be expelled. The fiber content exerts pressure on impacted stools, helping the body to get rid of toxins. Besides this, lettuce is loaded with Vitamin K and chlorophyll, apart from vitamins B2, C, A, B1 and folic acid and minerals like manganese and chromium.

3. Cucumber: No Calories In This Cool Customer

Cucumbers contain a high concentration of caffeic and ascorbic acids. These agents fasten the overall metabolism and prevent water retention. Being primarily composed of water and fiber, cucumbers offer negligible amount of calories. However, they are enriched with nutrients like folic acid, vitamins A and C. The skin of cucumber is a good source of molybdenum, magnesium, silica and potassium apart from trace minerals like silica.

4. Cauliflower: Calorie Buster to the Core

One-cup of cauliflower contains nearly two grams each of fiber and protein and only 26 calories! Cauliflower doesn’t contain any kind of fat and its fiber content ensures that the body burns a lot of calories to digest it. Cauliflower is recommended because of itshigh concentrations of calcium, folate, selenium and potassium. It is among the few vegetables suspected to have a notable anti-cancer effect due to the presence of a substance called indole-3-carbinol.

5. Watermelon: Tastiest of Negative Calorie Foods

Watermelon is among the best-tasting foods in this list, being refreshing and fulfilling, that can easily take care of your hunger pangs without contributing many calories. Watermelon is among the richest sources of lycopene in the natural world. This compound utilizes the body’s natural fat content to be fully metabolized. (Health,

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