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winter can be fatal.......role of loved ones.....Alok

Neglecting these points may cost Rs 50/- on medicine to few lacs on hospital. Can catch common cold to sever flu to chest congestion or chest infection. In case of fever with throat problems go throat swab test to microbiology lab of only big hospital. Influenza is very common in winter....Alok 

  1. Plug cool air leakages in bedrooms.
  2. Keep floors covered with sleek warm carpets/ mats  etc. 
  3. check your water heaters, room heaters etc are working and not giving shock. 
  4. Keep handy all woolens and use regularly without being callous. Always cover your ears. 
  5. Eat/drink/ use as ingredient dates, almonds, Pista,black pepper,  hot soup,hot milk with pinch of Termaric and or saunth,spiced tea( Ukali) , Tasty spicy food etc.are  boon in winter, 
  6. Avoid items of cold nature/ thandi ki prakriti / tandi ki tasir wale specially in dinner / night.
  7. Avoid Bikes,close windows of moving vehicles ,Take sun bath between 10 am to noon  for 15 minutes.
  8. Never come out of extremely warm blanket/ room to totally low teprature environment suddenly or vice versa. We call it palta. Means you will immediately catch cold and cough. Some people have toilet in open or take bath direcly from hot room. No. Let body temperature adjust a little and then go in further lower or higher temp areas/ use such water etc.. 
And ask ur granny more.......specially sardi ke ladoo aur adadia banane ka tarika. My grand father lived healthily till 99 yrs of age and was very particular to have have home made Ladoos of pure ghee with traditional herbs and spices. my.... my... my.... only lucky ones with loving mother, granny,bahu ( daughter in law) or wife get that....every year and year after year. But others can go to sweet shops but am not sure abt their hygiene standards,quality of ghee and dry fruits they will use. And of course that love of maa or others who make it at home painstakingly will be missing. ...........Pl. send at least one ladoo to me if u r making it at home as a result of this mail........high hopes????? ......Alok 

After some original ideas some pirated stuff : 
 With winter here, are you wondering how to care for your lips? Yes, the cold can severely affect your lips.
  • Your lips have only three or five layers of skin cells. Your body has over five times that!
  •  The lips are very sensitive to temperature changes and need extra protection
  •  Avoid using petroleum based, lip balms on a regular basis, since this can become addictive.
  •  Try finding lip balms that do not have a petroleum base.
  • You can look after your lips as you look after your skin. Use a moisturizer, or for long stretches in the sun, use a sun screen.
  • If you have dry lips, use a moisturizer before using a lipstick
  • Choose lipsticks which are high on the oil content. This will protect your lips from cracking or chapping.
  • Remember the ultra gloss lipsticks actually have a drying effect on your lips.
  • It’s important to take care of your lips! The sooner you start, the better…
With winter here, dry skin is inevitable! Most people need to pamper their skin during winter months, no matter what skin type they have. If your skin is dry, remember you will need to pay extra attention to your skin during the winter months. Dry skin ages faster, and also gives the appearance of being older, so to maintain your youthful glow, get started right here and right now!
  • In stead of your regular cleanser, use almond oil to cleanse and nourish your skin.
  • Smear your face and neck with Aloe Vera. It has healing and soothing properties, and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Use essential oils like Calendula / Lavender in facial saunas. They soften and soothe dry, itchy skin.
  • A dash of milk powder mixed with almond oil can make for a great skin softener in a hurry!
  • If your body feels dry and flaky, add milk powder and a few drops of almond oil to your bath water. See the visible difference!
  • Try this wonder mask: mix together one egg, a teaspoon of honey, a few drops of olive oil and enough rose water to make a smooth paste. Nourish your skin for 20 minutes once a week with this mask and feel the smoothness!
  • Try mashed banana or mashed avocado. Both moisturize the skin.
Remember, regularity is the key to good skin. You will need to pamper your skin on a daily basis to see a visible difference! More so during the winter months.
Winter strikes with many diseases, specially for elderly people. Elderly people are at high risk of falling ill during winters as either the existing diseases turn severe, or they develop some common seasonal diseases. As winter account cold and snowfall, they need help frequently. If you have an older person in your family who stays alone and is very dear to you, take special care of him during this season. There are many factors that need to be considered while caring for elderly people such as hygiene, medical care, nutrition, maintenance of home, shopping for grocery and medical prescriptions, etc.

As elderly people found difficulty while doing physical tasks, help them. Make sure that they don't do excessive physical work as it may lead to strain or other major problems. Winter accompanies extreme cold that makes the situation even more critical. Help elderly family members by shopping grocery items for them. Don't allow them to go for shopping as it could be dangerous for their health. While purchasing grocery, buy everything they need in large quantity and store it so that they can use it for more time.  

Most of the elderly people do not like taking help from anyone and do some rigorous activities on their own. Do these work  by yourself while you visit their home. Call them regularly so that you can know their health status. Ask them if they need anything or if there is any health issue that might be presenting difficulty to them. Help them if needed.

At later stages of life almost all of us develop some health problems due to one or other reason for which we have to take medicines to control them. As your loved ones also need to buy these formulations regularly, go get it for them. Help them in buying their medicines or ask medical outlets to do the home delivery, if applicable, of prescribed medicines at their home.

It is very important to keep elderly people well hydrated as they drink less water during winters that could pose a serious threat to their health. Assist them in all outdoor activities as severe cold may attack them at any point of time. Check if they are wearing warm clothes during morning and evening hours as cold is at peak during these hours.

Take care of your loved elderly person so that they can  pass on winters safely.
Move them to south if they  live on northern side of country.

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