Friday, January 27, 2012

Exercises to Shape Your Butt

Do you have a flat butt? Or one that is too plump? Every woman desires a well-toned and shaped butt. There are three main muscle types in your buttocks and they are the Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Maximus. Resistance exercises such as squats and lunges are an excellent and proven means to train your butt. You could even perform them with dumbbells in your hand or a bar across your shoulders. Vary the width of your feet to alter the emphasis of squats and if you can bring your feet closer, your quads will work well. If you choose to do lunges, you can choose from stationary, walking, alternating and side lunges. You can even perform squats with kick backs for greater effect.
Walking Your Way to a Great Butt
Walk up the hills, hike or even walk in the park when you are free to target your glutes. If you are able to pick up the intensity of your walk and begin to walk briskly over time, you will begin to burn more flab (even from your buttocks). It helps to warm up with some stretches and crunches. You can even try a butt clenching exercise while you walk. All you need to do is clench your butt cheeks together, hold them for 10 seconds before you release. You can repeat this as long as you walk or even as long as you can without feeling uncomfortable. At the end of your walking session, don’t forget to cool down by reducing your walking speed.
Sculpt a Better Backside
A shapely, sculpted and well-defined butt is a dream for most women. Deadlifts are a great exercise for your hamstrings, butt and your lower back. With hip extension you can feel the burn in your glutes. Other than that, simple exercises like hiking, biking, and running will make you feel good and also burn calories to tighten your tush. Controlled kicks in kickboxing work very well for your thighs and butt as well. You could even choose to alternate your routines to help your body tone up faster. The treadmill workout is also a good option for anyone who cannot find time to go the gym to exercise.
You can fix your trouble area in your body and flaunt a sexy butt, beautiful thighs, curved hips and well-toned legs with these exercises. Have you tried any other exercises? Share them here.

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