Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Living Free Of Diabetes

Living Free Of Diabetes
With an incidence of Diabetes increasing 20 times in the last twenty years, India is fast on its way to becoming the Diabetes capital of the world. 
The good news, that one can be easily delay and often prevent  developing the disease. And this can be done by bringing about some simple lifestyle and diet changes. 

Lose Weight: 
Quit Smoking:  

Switch To A Healthier Diet: 
  • Contrary to popular belief, diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar. But it can in fact be caused by the weight you gain by eating things that rapidly turn to sugar in your body—read refined cereals, starch rich foods and sweets. Fatty foods are another culprit that lead to an increased risk of not just diabetes, but heart disease as well. A healthy diet should start with cutting down on sugar, fat and refined foods.
  • Adding fiber and fiber rich foods is a natural corollary to a diet that goes against refined foods. Fiber rich foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds not only help you lose weight, but have proven benefits when it comes to controlling blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes.
  • A diet composed of large amounts of sugary beverages (aerated drinks, juices, too many sugar laden cups of tea or coffee), red meat, processed foods, sweets and high fat dairy products (mithai, paneer, chocolate etc.) is associated with an increase risk of diabetes. Since you are looking at a long term health plan, totally removing these items from your diet may not be possible. However, exercising portion control and moderation where these foods are concerned is necessary for leading a healthy, diabetes free lifestyle.


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