Thursday, January 19, 2012

hurt back have back pain read this ...I found this useful

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Back pain slip disc whats best to use hot or cold remedys?

have a bad back picked somethig heavy up wrong waY PUT my back out whats best to use hot or cold pads eddie

Answers (5)

  • Start with cold, ten minutes on ten minutes off for an hour, then go to heat for as long as it feels good.


    My neighbor has that problem and that's what he does.
  • Intially, use a cold pack to bring down the swelling. After that, use a hot pack to increase cirulation to the area and promote healing. Try some therapeutic grade oils to structurally realign your spine and bring circulation to your back to help it heal. Valor oil blend applied to the bottoms of the feet will hellp with realignment. Helichrysum and Peppermint oils applied to the area where your disc slips will help your back heal.

    Source(s): for the oils.
  • if its muscle moist heat ya should have iced it first from the beginning.. massage it out and anti imflamatory like advil....i would do ten on ice ten on moist heat best way is to wet and ring out a towel put in microwave...gonna be hot dude put in a plastic bag like from store and put it on your back sleep on the floor a few nights. now if ya herniated a disc..the pain will need to be treated by a doctor. you should get reflief from the heat and massage
  • This injury happened more than ten hours ago. Use warm moist heat only. Heat will dilate the blood vessels and speed up recovery of damaged muscles etc. Cold is only indicated at time of injury to control swelling and bleeding. This occurs because cold constricts blood vessels.


    Ex Lecturer in Health Sciences
  • If you were diagnosed with a slipped disc than I would suggest you try spinal decompression exercises, they may be very helpful to you. Here is a video showing how to do an excellent exercise, hope it helps:


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