Monday, April 22, 2013

Midday Munchies

Ask Ellie Krieger

Midday Munchies

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Q: I always get tired toward the end of the workday — right around when I want to grab a chocolate bar from the candy machine. Is there a healthier but fast way to get some energy? A:

That candy machine is tempting — but a habit worth breaking. Keep your quarters for the parking meter and try some of these ideas: Every Monday bring 5 pieces of fruit to work to keep at your desk so you can enjoy a piece each day. Keep a few snack-size bags of almonds at your desk for a portion-savvy energizing crunch.. Stash some low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese in the office fridge for a calcium rich snack. Easy to munch veggies like baby carrots and grape tomatoes are also great to have around, especially with some hummus for dipping.

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