Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obesity weight loss slimming being healthy Reesize

Reesize is available in two strengths, 60 and 120 mg. Reesize provides orlistat in pellete form, thus provides a form of controlled release. Reesize is an antiobesity and antioverweight medicine that acts by inhibiting gastric and intestinal pancreatic lipase, thus inhibiting processing of dietary fat, with which its absorption is deterred. Thus in people who are overweight or obese beyond a BMI of 29, they can benefit by taking Reesize 1 hour within a meal containing fat. Although it cannot have effect on already accumulated fat, with appropriate diet and exercise, inch or kg loss of fat can be documented in 6 weeks of use. If the fat content in diet is limited, Reesize can virtually be free of adverse effects, and it can be perfectly useful in obese diabetics and hypertensives and obese individuals with other problems. More information is available at
Reesize is presented in 60 and 120 mg stregnths in strip of 10 capsules with 3 strips in a box. It can be taken one capsule within 1 hour of a meal containing fat. Since Reesize also prevents absorption of fat soluble vitamins, regular supplementation of ADEK vitamins s necessary.
Each hard gelatin capsule of Reesize 60 contains Orlistat 60 mg (as pellets 50% w/w) and Each hard gelatin capsule of Reesize 120 contains Orlistat 120 mg (as pellets 50% w/w)

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