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Shifting Navel or Naval Displacement or Belly button shifting

Shifting Navel

Swami Mahatmananda Saraswati

A particular problem which as yet is unrecognised by allopathy, homeopathy and other sciences of healing is the navel which 'moves'. Just as a misalignment may occur within the spinal cord, so a misalignment of the navel and stomach muscles (rectus abdominus) may also occur. The displacement is caused by similar activity i.e. picking up heavy objects, a sudden twisting or bending movement, sexual activity. After the navel has shifted once, it is a problem which occurs frequently thereafter unless yogic precautionary practices are started.
In most cases the navel will take a move in either an upward or downward direction, sometimes a sideways movement is also noticeable- The displacement is directly connected with the navel, nerves, stomach muscles and movement of prana, and will affect each of these in some manner. The misalignment may be detected by using string to measure the distance from the large toe of both feet to the navel centre. If there is a difference in the length of these two measurements it indicates a removal from the norm. The original position can also be detected in some people by feeling for a pulse in the area. If the pulse and navel are together, the position is correct. Where pulse is to be found, in the case of a misaligned navel, it indicates the correct position. However, when measuring the position with string, care should be taken to ensure that the body is correctly aligned. In man, the measurement can be taken from the nipples of the chest to the navel.
The problem is said to occur more in women and may produce unaccountable menstrual pain and excessive or scanty bleeding. The ailments caused by this particular trouble usually involve only the abdominal area. As it also affects the movement of prana and apana, symptoms will vary according to the direction of movement. For instance, if the navel has moved up, there is good chance of constipation, vomiting or feeling of nausea. If the movement is down then diarrhoea will exist. Whichever way it moves, there is always pain in the abdominal area which may extend into the back, buttocks, thighs and calves.
Treatments of allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy are normally ineffective as this ailment remains unrecognised and therefore un-diagnosable. Many 'mystery' troubles of the abdominal region are attributable to this navel shift.
One man suffering from constipation and stomach pain for five years had travelled half of India for a cure, had 90 X-rays and nearly every treatment he could find, but with no relief from any.
Correct yogic treatment will eliminate this trouble within a short period, sometimes 3 to 4 days. The previously mentioned sufferer had tried yogic practices but was incorrectly advised. The pain in his abdomen spread to his back and further limited his physical movement and stiffened his walking. After 6 days of correct yogic treatment his cure was complete.
No forward bending asanas can be practised excepting shashankasana and marjariasana in some cases. The asanas should be mainly those which give equal backward stretch to the rectus abdominus muscles. Asanas such as bhujangasana, matsyasana, kandharasana, supta vajrasana, chakrasana, dhanurasana, makarasana, naukasana, matsyakridasana, will give relief. Shankhaprakshalana asanas can also be effective.
After cure, practice of these asanas should continue so that stomach and back muscles strengthen and prevent further recurrence.
Some other methods of treatment are massage to the abdomen by one who knows the trouble, otherwise again further damage will result. Another massage technique is applied to different areas of the legs, corresponding to acupuncture points. When this method is used, a piece of string is tied around the big toe 'to keep things in place'. Another method involves a herbal pack placed on the stomach. These latter methods are local Indian methods usually found in the villages. They provide good treatment but fail to prevent recurrence. They may be used successfully in conjunction with asanas.

NAVEL; how to balance navel center 

According to yogic science there are nine main opening centers in the body, calledchakra. Among these centers, manipur or navel chakras plays great role in the human body. It is placed at navel portion. The network of all the main nerves of the body get accumulated at three places, they are brain, heart and navel. As per some experts navel is also known as the second brain of our body. It plays an important role for circulating, development and circulation of the human body.   
In the yoga science at the end of human being (death), heart stops beating immediately but the vital energy of navel alive five to six minute even after death. . If an experienced person is able to establish contact between vital life energy of navel and heart then there is a chance of saving one’s life.
If the navel is dislocated, the person looses the natural energy of the body and mind. Production of semen reduces very fast during unhealthy navel. Impotency may come due to this dislocated navel.  
I have seen in my experience that major cause of navel shifting is; excess vata and emotional stress. If vata is imbalanced in the body then navel will be shifted and unmanageable stress.
The person complains of pain and tension on the right upper side of the body and this could affect the liver, gall bladder, abdomen and right kidney. Sometimes the person also complains of pain in lumbar region (waist part) or left leg.
It affects the right side of the body. It causes stiffness in kidneys, intestines along with pain.
WHEN NAVEL SHIFTS TOWARDS LEFT SIDE:It causes pain, tension and stiffness in the right lower part of the body. It affects the pancreas, spleen and left kidney. It could also lead to menstrual disorders in women.
When navel shifts towards right side: It causes pain and tension on the lower side of the body. It affects liver, gall bladder, and left kidney along with intestinal problems. 
YOGIC CURENavel can be corrected with Yoga practice also. Practice Shalabh Asana, Purna Shalabh Asana, Dhanur Asana, Boat Pose, Tada Asana and Matsy Asana to maintain the correct position of navel. Uttanapadasana: Lie down and relax the body. Raise the legs up to 30, 45 and 60 degrees in three instances. Breathe in while going up and breath out while coming down. Do not bend the legs at knees, stretch out the toes completely. This can be done with one leg at a time or both legs simultaneously. Dhanurasana: Lie down on stomach and hold the ankles with both hands. The shape of the body in this position looks like a bow, hence the name Dhanurasana. Sometimes this asana is also done sitting in Vajrasana and bending backwards to hold the ankles. Do Poorak and raise the navel area. Then raise the legs and hands up to one foot. Raise the chest and head forwards. Bring down the hands and legs when you want to breath in. Sit straight and stretch the legs. Bend the right leg and place it on the left knee. Try to touch the floor with right knee, repeat it at least five times but do not do in excess. Similarly repeat it with the left knee. This exercise is useful for balancing the navel.

Navel Introduction Each part of the body has its own importance. Navel is a very important part among them. It is considered to be the centre of all the organs of the body. If the body be divided in two the navel will fall at the centre. About 7 cm. beneath the navel an egg shaped lump of flesh is there. From there 72864 nerves are spread all over the body. It is normally pulled by some tissues, which keep it in its place. If for any reason these tissues get pulled then the navel gets displaced. It gets drawn towards the tissue due to which it has got pulled. Consquently various ailments crop up.

Reason for displacement of Navel generally it is seen in childhood, navel is displaced due to various reason. While playing, running ,climbing the stairs, lifting weight with a jerk also leads to the navel getting displaced. Those person who put more pressure on one foot while standing or pressurise one side while lifting a weight, then the navel gets displaced to that side. For various reasons if there is jerk on one foot then the possibilty of navel getting displaced on the other side. Generally it is seen that men have their navel displaced on the left side and women on the right side. There is no solid basic for its displacement.

Symptoms of Displacement of Navel if the navel is displaced upward then the following diseases occur梒onstipation, heart trouble palpitation etc. If the navel is displaced downward then it causes loose motions, night fall, indigestion etc, If it is displaced to side then there is stomach aches.
Similarily women get various dieases due to displacement of navel (e.g. Leucorrhoea Dysmenorrhoea), complications of the uterus and irregular menstruation) due to which crippled, short lived issue, barrenness, is caused and other ailments occur. Generally displacement of navel is considered normal. But when it aquires serious dimentions then it cannot be cured by modem medicine even. But Yogic exercise can easily rectify it.
Test for Navel displacementif the navel is displaced in case of .a man or woman make him or her do Uttanpadasana and then lie down in shavasana. Sit next to the patient in kaagasana.Then bring all the five fingers together and place the tip of the fingers on navel of that person, if throbbing is felt right under the navel then the navel is in its place., If it is felt above or below, to the right or left it may be known that the navel it displaced at that point.
To confirm this, one could take a thread tie it on your index finger of the right hand and place it on the navel and then the other side of the thread be held with the left hand and taken upto the left nipple of the patient, thereafter carefully measure the right nipple with the thread. If the thread falls short then it may be known that the navel is displaced upward and if it is bigger then it may be confirmed that the navel is displaced downwards.
Note in case of women the test be done by taking the thread from the navel to the toes of the feet.
Ways of setting it right on ones own
(1) For this do uttanpadasana then dhanurasana and chakrasana followed by matsyasana.
1.Uttanpadasana 2.Dhanurasana 3.Chakrasana 4.Matsyasana
(2) Do following exercises.
1.Lie on the back, have a distance of one foot between the feet, and fold the knees. Spread both the hands like feathers. Now turn both the knees to the left on the ground . In this position the right knee will touch the heel of the left foot. Turn the head to the right side on the ground. Now do its reverse. That is turn both knees to the right on the ground so that left knee touches the right heel and simultanesouly turn the head to the left side. Repeat it ten-ten times.

2.Now do the above exercise with both knees and feet together touch both the knees on the ground to the left side then right knee will be on the left and the head will remainturned to the right side. Now do its reverse both knees should be turned to the right side on the ground with the left knee on the right one and the head will be to the left side on the ground. Repeat it ten times.

(3) Put a dari or a blanket on the floor. Take a plastic ball under your navel and lie over it for four five minutes. Then turn and get up to sit. After eating a fruit stand up.
Note one who practices uttanpadasana has his navel always in place.


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  2. hello sir ,I am harpreet singh from amritsar , sir actully im suffering from naval displacement prob n m nt able to digest anything , my body is getting weak day by day my age is 25 years.. i am suffering this problem from last 3 years ...please I really need ur help.sir kindly reply for my mail i ,I will be highly thankful to you sir

    1. Hello all. if anybody is suffering from dharan or naval displacement please contact me on

  3. Hello all. if anybody is suffering from dharan or naval displacement please contact me on

  4. Hi Everyone, I suffered from thhs for more than a year. To cure Naval Displocation follow the step below:
    1.Measure from Naval to side of the left breast nipple and then right niple
    2. Whichever nipple is less in measuring tie a cloth on thigh of that leg. Make sure u tie it so hard that u can feel the blood blocked.. Do this for a minute.
    3. Then measure the difference again from Naval to Nipple on both end. It will fix the Naval Dislocation

    Note: you can also tie loose cloth and use a small still to put between cloth and turn the stick around. it will tight the cloth.
    do this for more than one day if required

    Thanks and God Bless all!

  5. is it possible to check visibly for changes in contour for navel dispalcement